HONOLULU - April 17, 2012 - The Capitol Idol 2012 talent show at the State Capitol on April 16, 2012, raised $1391 for the Hawai‘i Foodbank. Members of the state Senate and House squared off in the hopes of winning the perpetual individual and team trophies. Senator Mike Gabbard organized the fundraiser, while local comedian Augie T volunteered as emcee.

The House of Representatives came away with the team trophy, and Representative Marcus Oshiro performed a number in drag to the tune "I Will Survive" to win the individual prize.

Gabbard said, "We got our okoles kicked by the House, but we’ll be back next year. I mean how can you compete with a House Finance Chair who slinks, bumps and grinds around the stage like a woman of ill repute belting out “I Will Survive”? Seriously, this was a great way to let off a little steam as we approach the busiest part of the session and raise money for a very worthy cause. We hope to make this an annual event to showcase legislators' hidden talents."

The five Senate acts were Senators Mike Gabbard, Brickwood Galuteria, Josh Green, Pohai Ryan and Malama Solomon. House contenders were Representatives Tom Brower, Cindy Evans, Ken Ito, John Mizuno and Marcus Oshiro.