Plastic Bottle Ban could become reality for Hawaii by 2022

KITV - February 26, 2019
Brenton Awa

HONOLULU - State lawmakers are considering a bill that would prohibit restaurants, bars, and businesses from selling single use plastic bottles in Hawaii by July 1, 2022.
The measure would also prohibit the sale of single use plastic utensils, stirring sticks, polystyrene containers, and straws.

"Times have changed," said Senator Mike Gabbard, introducer of SB522. "Plastics have served us ever since they were invented in terms of convenience but convenience is not everything. When you live in paradise the amount of debris that's being washed up on our beaches, the amount of trash that's all throughout our community, we need to do something about it and that's what this bill does."

Senators on the Ways and Means and Judiciary Committees voted to pass SB522 Tuesday.