Star of hit TV series makes pitch to lawmakers: Hawaii should ban animal testing

Hawaii News Now - April 12, 2018
Davis Pitner

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) -
There was some star power at the state Legislature on Thursday.

Hawaii's own Maggie Q, who stars in "Designated Survivor," was at the state Capitol to meet with lawmakers on two bills — one that would ban all animal-tested makeup products in the state and the other that would ban animal tested household products.

Both bills haven't advanced this legislative session, but Maggie Q hopes that by talking to legislators there will be enough support to get them to a vote.

“I’m here to speak to Senator Gabbard and some of the other senators to really strategize about what we can do for the next session to get these bills on the floor, passed, and into law as soon as possible,” she said.

The actress and model, who has a number of TV and film credits to her name, has been a strong advocate for animal protection. She's worked with groups like Cruelty Free International, which work to end cosmetic testing on animals.

At the Legislature, the actress was accompanied by her friends, family, and fiancé (and former co-star) Dylan McDermott.