Companion bills would ban potentially harmful sunscreens

KITV - January 30, 2020
TJ Horgan

Hawaii made history in 2018, banning sunscreen harmful to fish and coral reefs.

Today, congressmen announced their introducing bills in both the Hawaii house of representatives and senate that would ban the sale of any sunscreen made from ingredients not considered "safe and effective" by the Food and Drug Administration.

Joe DiNardo, Research Scientists Emeritus, believes this proposed legislation is due to recent inquiry regarding the connection between sunscreen and birth defects.

"When you see what certain chemicals can do to offspring its actually terrifying. It can easily pass through your skin and into the blood system which the FDA has determined but it can also pass through the placenta barrier and go into the fetus," he stated.

Senator Mike Gabbard (D) introduced the measure in the senate and clarified it does not call for the creation of "sunscreen police."

"Just to be clear we’re not going to have sunscreen police we’re talking about a ban on retail sales," said Senator Gabbard.

If passed, this bill would go into effect in 2023. Currently, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the only ingredients deemed "safe and effective" by the FDA.