I Like Mike!

"As I've been knocking on doors throughout the district, I've met many wonderful people and gotten an "earful" about community concerns and improvements that need to be made. Here are some of the folks I've met." - Mike

“We love Mike because he listens. We were upset when he changed parties. We are staunch Republicans but after talking to Mike and, more importantly, watching his voting record, it convinced us that he cares more about his constituents than about the party. It is a pleasure to be able to call him our senator and our friend.”
Ralph and Judy Riley, Kapolei

“We appreciate Mike’s continuous stand for righteousness in our community. He is a strong advocate for family values. We are also thankful for his recent efforts to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on domestic and foreign oil. He is leading the way for expanding renewable energy. He has a heart and vision for the ongoing commitment to our ‘Second City’—Kapolei.”
Pete and Marty Elson, Ko Olina

"Senator Gabbard is an easy person to communicate with. I want to see him re-elected as our Senator, so that we will continue to have someone we can trust."
Asopaolo Mauga-Asuega, Village Park

"Mike Gabbard is one of my heroes. He has a tough job to do, and it does it well, basing his efforts and decisions on his convictions rather than on peer pressure. I am confident that without Mike’s efforts and his personal sacrifices made in the fight against same-sex marriage, or the equally-unwanted “civil unions” bill (which was another name for same-sex marriage), we would have that mess as law in our state today. Mike is one of the only politicians I know that actually has community meetings at a place where folks are able to go, at a time they can go, and where he actually listens to ideas and comments from his constituents. Our energy policy in this state has to change – and Mike is one of the few people I know who can actually do it. The same applies to our traffic problems – Mike is taking these issues on and making progress. I urge anyone who reads this to put your support behind this man – I’m actually a registered republican yet I support Mike fully because in Hawaii, it really doesn’t matter what you are, it matters how you vote and what you can accomplish. And Mike gets the job done, in a way that supports a conservative, Judeo-Christian world view."
Stephen P. Reimers, Kunia

"Senator Gabbard does a lot of good for the communities he serves. As a public servant, he is very responsive to the concerns of many, not just the communities her represents. My hope is that he’ll be re-elected to another term as a Hawai’i state senator for Oahu’s District 19."
Susan Amoi Araki, Waikele

"We so much appreciate Sen. Gabbard keeping us informed at his Listen-Story events. He follows through and gets results."
Stanley & Roberta Jones, Makakilo

"We love that Sen. Gabbard is always accessible and responsive. Every time we have called him about a concern he has quickly responded and taken action. He holds monthly community meetings when people can come and talk about anything that is on their mind, and then he follows up with good solutions."
Franklin & Evelyn Souza, kids, grand kids and great grand kids, Makakilo

"Senator Gabbard is my favorite senator on the island not just because he is my district senator but also because he believes in traditional family values. He votes and represents all of my values as a constituent. He stands for what he believes and does not back down under pressure."
Beverly Larranaga, Kapolei

"Senator Mike Gabbard is trustworthy & dependable. He listens to us & does something; whereas, today many Democratic liberal incumbents have their own agenda, and completely disregard & ignore their constituents. For example, in the last Legislature, Sen. Gabbard took the first giant step in proposing to ban fireworks which has become a health & safety hazard to many, many of us, young & elderly. Additionally, he has supported us on crime & fire prevention, been against the civil union bill, and strived to get us jobs, while helping balance the state budget. I would vote for him without hesitancy or reservation and urge all my friends in this District, especially members of St. Joseph Church, to support Sen. Gabbard."
Donald Mack, Colonel (ret.), Airborne Ranger, U.S. Army, Waikele

"As the Previous President of the Kumulani Homeowners' Association, issues would arise requiring me to contact various elected public officials. I can state without a doubt that the fastest response always came from Senator Gabbard and his outstanding staff. Not only would Senator Gabbard's office take an interest in the problems raised, they would spend significant time assisting me. The Senator's office would research the various issues and provide me with remedies. They would also arrange for other public officials to contact me and in one instance, they even received a response from the Chief of Police of the Honolulu Police Department. It was obvious to me that I was dealing with experienced and intelligent people who knew how to get things done. As far as I am concerned, any public official willing to work this hard for his or her constituents deserves all of our votes."
Edwin ("Ted") White, Attorney at Law (retired), Makakilo