Mike's Music, Mike's Heart

Dear friends,

As a haole girl from the Midwest, I didn’t know anything about Hawaii. I thought the meaning of aloha was as simple as ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. When I first met Mike, I quickly learned of the deep love and appreciation he has for Hawaii, her people and the aina. And when I fell in love with Mike, I also fell in love with Hawaii and the aloha spirit that he embodied. It has been my honor to be by his side for the past 52 years. I believe that the most important thing we can know about a candidate is their heart. In knowing a person’s heart, we come to know if we can trust them - and anyone who wants to know Mike’s heart need only listen to him sing.


P.S. Below is a sampling from Mike's CD "Stand as One".

Song Lyrics

Hawai’i Aloha

The music used for the song "Hawaii Aloha" was taken from a Christian hymn entitled "I Left It All With Jesus", which was written in the 1840's by Pennsylvania singer and composer James McGranahan. King Kamehameha IV loved that hymn so much he asked missionary Reverend Lorenzo Lyons to rewrite the words and place the new song in a Hawaiian hymn book. Reverend Lyons had a church for many years in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii. "Hawaii Aloha" is also known as "Kuu One Hanau." (hawaiianmusichistory.com)

E Hawai‘i e ku‘u one hanau e,
Ku‘u home kula‘iwi nei
‘Oli no au i na pono lani ou,
E Hawai’i aloha e.

E hau‘oli e na ‘opio o Hawai‘i nei
‘Oli e! ‘Oli e!
Mai na aheahe makani e pa mai nei
Mau ke aloha, no Hawai‘i.

E Ha‘i mai kou mau kini lani e,
Kou mau kupa aloha, e Hawai‘i
Na mea olino kamaha'o, no luna mai
E Hawai‘i, aloha e.

Na ke Akua e malama mai ia oe,
Kou mau kualono aloha nei,
Kou mau kahawai‘ ‘olinolino mau,
Kou mau mala pua nani e.