Statement by Senator Mike Gabbard Regarding Hawaiian Electric's Decision to Grandfather PV Solar Customers Held Up by Their Recent Policy Changes

Honolulu, November 27, 2013 – Senator Mike Gabbard, Chair of the Senate of the Energy and Environment Committee, made the following statement regarding Hawaiian Electric's decision to grandfather PV solar customers held up by their recent policy changes.

"I commend both Hawaiian Electric and the solar industry for sitting down and talking story over the last several weeks to find a solution for those solar PV customers who've been held up from getting their systems connected to the grid. This was the only fair thing to do, considering many of these folks already had a PV system on their roof, but weren't getting the benefit of reducing their electricity bills. I'm hopeful these constructive talks will continue to ensure that the solar industry keeps growing, the grid stays reliable, and homes & businesses continue having the opportunity to go solar in a timely and low-cost manner."